We are a new Henna company in Knoxville that serves the local area and all of East TN. We do
Henna for you, for all occasions – single clients, parties, festivals, marriages, etc. Check out our designs and call us for a quotation!

Why Henna?

Henna is a form of body art and temporary skin decoration. Besides that, henna comes with a set of benefits. It is herbal and good for the skin. 

It gives a cooling effect and the coloring agent, being natural, is harmless. Different occasions have different moods. 

Each customer has personal choices, and we entertain them all. 

Be it bridal henna, party purpose, modern designs, or traditional art, we have excellence in all. We believe in living up to the expectations of our customers and delivering only the best.

Working Hours

  • MON- 10A.M-6P.M
  • TUE-10A.M-6P.M
  • WED-10A.M-6P.M
  • THUR-10A.M-6P.M
  • FRI-10.A.M-6P.M
  • SAT-11A.M-7P.M
  • SUN-11A.M-7P.M

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